Monday, October 4, 2010

Turrible, Just Turrible

As I said in my first post, I am terrible at keeping a blog. I had some ideas for posts but then I got sick and I can't remember any of those ideas.
Just turrible.
I went to the doctor on Friday, feeling really good about that. I was going to a doctor early instead of waiting until I was half dead and I was going to get medicine so I wouldn't progress to half dead state! Hurray!
Uh, no. It did not work out that way.
The doctors at the clinic (there were two working together for some reason) said they couldn't give me medicine yet b/c my upper respiratory was not infected yet.  I tried telling them that even if it wasn't yet, it  surely would be, I always get infected if I manage to catch the flu but they weren't really listening, lots of people to see after me.
So, I spent money to just hear that I can't have medicine yet.
Well guess what doctors?!
I am infected now but you can't bet your butt I won't be dragging myself in until I am minutes to death and you can cry and weep through apologies while I rasp out my last breath.
(this post was supposed to have very funny and cute pictures but I am too lightheaded to draw them)
Oh, you will be sorry then, you will be.
In the meantime I shall stay in bed, covered in blankets, surrounded by tissues, and being mournfully looked at by a dog that wants to go on a nice long walk.  Only I won't be able to take him on that nice long walk, I will only be able to hobble down the stops and let him pee once before hobbling back up. I might not even change out of my penguin pajama pants.
One thing I have had time to reflect on though is that I don't get ill as often anymore as I used to as a child. I still get super car sick though, that is something I fear will never change.
I mean, I want to gag just thinking about how some people can read while sitting in the car. My partner can and when he told me I almost barfed. In fact, I almost barfed almost seventeen times just writing those last two sentences.
So, what does the rest of the day hold for me?
Well, my original plan was, if my throat didn't hurt too much and I didn't have the complexion of frozen mashed potatoes I was going to film a youtube video that was supposed to be up yesterday. And while my throat feels mostly okay (it is the coughing that is bothering me today) and my complexion is also okay-ish, at this time I feel like I would be unable to sit up long enough to say what I need to say, let alone edit it into my video.
Perhaps later I will feel peppier but I doubt it.
Perhaps I will manage to take a nice long nap but I doubt it. I already woke myself up twice last night from not being able to breathe.
Note to self: have partner pick up vicks on way home from work.
So back to watching youtube videos and trying to knit for a few seconds at a time until my arms get tired. Who knows, maybe I will shake things up a bit and plop on the couch and watch tv.

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