Saturday, February 18, 2012

Observation Writing

This is mostly just a writing exercise, so don't expect too awesome of things.

Feb. 17th 9:03pm Barnes and Noble

- For the second time in as many weeks ____ and I have sat next to the same man with me in the same surprisingly squeaky chair. He seems to be of middle eastern descent, no accent, with thick black hair and wire framed glasses. He wears the same coat as last week, dark tan, hip length, and with large pockets. Isn't he hot wearing that inside? The store is by no means cold.

- Sitting near our little group but far enough away to not be a part of it is a bearded man of about forty or so. His brown beard has streaks of gray whilst his hair, under a yellow cap, dark gray and silver. Does he wear the cap to hide the discrepancy of colors on his head? He just now strode off, his bright blue windbreaker swishing. I do not think he is as friendly as his beard makes him out to be.

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