Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Starbucks Girl

The other day I was at Starbucks, out on the patio as it was a nice day. There wasn't much seating so I had to choose a table next to an occupied one. As I found out later, it wouldn't have mattered where I sat.

The occupied table had two young women conversing with, strangely enough, no drinks in front of them.

I had Max with me on this warm sunny day and we settled down to wait for a friend I was meeting. He popped a squat next to my chair and I pulled out my nook and set to reading.

Only I couldn't read. Not really.

One of the two girls was talking. Loudly. She didn't quiet her voice when I sat down or lessen the pace of the words spilling from her mouth. I've dealt with people like this before so, it wasn't that big of a deal I thought.

Oh no, I was wrong.

The way she talked.

Every few sentences would have an Uhmmm  or an Aaaaaand.

Every sentence was about her.

She talked of nothing but herself while her companion was largely silent, content to pick at her pants and bag.

She talked of her minecraft server she wants to make. It was going to have hills, spruce trees, wolves, community housing, community farming, donation chest, and some sort of water feature but she hasn't chosen which kind yet. She told how she came about to have a minecraft account. (She had been playing on her brothers but couldn't make a separate user so she finally bit the bullet and bought it.)


She has a couple moles on her arm which will be removed at some point. They aren't cancerous yet but have the potential to be some day.


She never wears sun screen because she hates lotion and how it makes her skin feel. She does wear it on her legs though because they get really dry.

She doesn't like the sun.


She has been somewhere very cold where it would be in the negatives on the regular and 12 degrees was considered warm. I didn't catch where.


She has been to the bahamas twice and got very sun burnt the first time falling asleep in the sun with no sunscreen. It was even between her toes.

Her friend pipes in "Or when it burns your hair par--"

"YEAH I've had my hair part burnt a few times before right down the middle but now part my hair along my bangs."

She needs to go get her travel shots. She hates needles.


She donated blood a lot of times to get used to needs. They aren't as nice and gentle as normal doctors. The nurses probably think she is a baby.

Her friend tries saying "Well, they are probably used to tha--"

"YEAH BUT I was really bad."

She is going back to China after studying there. Once there she can only eat once dish once she finds something that agrees with her stomach. It sucks so much being sick in a foreign country. One time she got really sick in China and had a fever and had to get a big shot to cool her down.


She is not looking forward to haggling with her future Chinese landlord.


At this point I wanted to scream. I kept trying to read but those UUUUHHHMMMM s and AAAAANDs kept drawing my attention back. Her friend, who I wasn't even sure was a real friend, had given up trying to talk and just stared off.

Once the person I was meeting got there and we got our drinks, they lasted maybe two minutes before we decided to go some place else.

I hope she goes to China and stays there. I never want to see, make that hear, her again.

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