Monday, August 9, 2010

My Shadow My Dog

I have a shadow.  You have a shadow.  The major difference between our shadows is that mine is a dog.
Let me explain.
My dog is a shih tzu.  Shih tzus are insecure lil buggers. He is very brave and independent most of the time, when going to go eat/drink in the dark, going on walks (unless it is dark and there is a lot of shadows), and playing with other dogs.  He even barks at the bad guys in horror movies. 
His problem is that he seems to be afraid of missing something spectacular if he doesn't follow my partner or myself all the time.  I don't know what he has in mind as he patiently waits outside the bathroom while I shower.  Will I scream and die?  Will I open the door with my arms full of dog treats?  Will there be fireworks?
I have even tried to show him that I am boring by walking from my bedroom to office, back to kitchen, to bedroom, and back to office but it didn't work.  There he was, at my feet, trotting along happily, making sure to let me go in a room first, lest he goes in first and I end up changing my mind. 
He is my loyal, anxious, lil Civil War veteran.
Oh, I guess I forgot to mention his full name is Colonel Max Dickerson. It is even on his collar.  
The Colonel gets mad at me sometimes for getting up and walking around when he would rather be napping.  He has attempted to seriously injure weaving in and out of my feet while I carry things or am walking in a dimmed hallway. (I hate to turn on lights unless it is absolutely necessary.  With Max trying to trip me all the time, I think it has become necessary to turn on the light to walk five feet down my hall.)
He may be trying to paralyze me, perhaps to make it easier to follow me around, but I still love him even if he loves my partner more.  (More on that another time but I can say right now that he has never tripped him.)

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