Monday, August 23, 2010

My Trip Through New England

Last week I drove through New England and saw many things.
I saw a woman with a "I brake for lighthouses." bumper sticker.  Unfortunately I couldn't snap a pic but I will do a drawing of it.  Actually, it is an improvement on it. The original was no where this awesome.
I also saw this:
It was fun to stare at while riding in the car. *sarcasm
This one was even better:

Because nothing makes me want to get on a long distance travel bus more than a weird driver cartoon.
It wasn't all driving though, I made some phone calls:

Potato phone gets great reception.
Looked at some art:

What does that pear look like? It is on the tip of my....
But I also saw breathtaking scenery.  My camera didn't do any of the views justice. 

Arcadia National Park, Maine

View from Olana: Estate of artist Frederic Edwin Church (New York)
All in all, a great trip. I just wish it was longer. 

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